Welcome to Chomp, where you will find a range of unique branded food and drink products with many alternatives to your usual favourites. Many of our products have reduced calories and we offer a range of foods to meet your dietary requirements, whether that is low carb, keto, vegan or vegetarian.  
Who Are We?
Team Chomp are a close group that have been living in the UAE for over 15 years. We enjoy food and drink and a few in the team certainly enjoy working out and fitness in general. We are passionate about what we eat and drink and found that there were many new or exciting products available outside the UAE that we wanted to eat and drink and share with as many people as possible.   
Our online store is where you can find a growing range of items that we hope you will be pleased to try and come back for more! While a lot of our products are chosen because they are healthy, others are here simply because they are delicious and are certainly worth adding to the “naughty” part of the shopping list that we don’t talk about 😊 
That’s the low-down where Chomp is concerned, but there’s more you should know about the team. We have many years of combined experience in the F&B, retail and logistics industries and each of us adds our own touch to the Chomp brand. Our enthusiasm for food and drink has led to a careful selection process with our product range, so we hope you find something that is worthy for your table.
Nice and Naughty!
We want to cater for specific dietary requirements and people who are looking for different food and drink brands that may not already be available in the UAE. We stock sugar-free products and we also offer gluten-free, as well as low calorie and fat-free ranges.
Yet we at Chomp know that once in a while everyone gets a taste for something a touch naughty, so although we’ve gone out of our way to source quality healthy products, we’ve also got quite a few that won’t be recommended with any health food diet!
You deserve a decent treat once in a while, so Chomp is here to help when you want something sweet or just different on that cheat day! Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy and come back for more.  
Proud to Provide
At Chomp we really are passionate about the products we sell and that’s why we’ve sourced only the very best across a wide choice of product ranges. At present, all of our products come from quality food and drink manufacturers in the UK.  As we are improving and growing, we are adding to our range all the time, so we invite you to keep an eye out for new products.

If in doubt, Chomp!